Fabrics we prefer to use Bangladesh and Indian Origin, in some cases imported from China, Taiwan, Korea or in which cases the buyer normally coordinates new fabric development with the fabric supplier direct. In other cases EveryTex will advice the buyer fabric of mills that produce the required fabric.

EveryTex only recommends mills in which we have a good and long term relationship with. Due to our large volume trading, we have achieved an excellent price/quality level.

2-Fabric Quality

Fabric quality is important to textile producers, designers, retailers, and consumers, because it describes many characteristics: freedoms from defects, uniform structure, appearance, and performance during production and in consumers’ hands.Fabric quality influences product cost, suitability for a target market, aesthetic characteristics and consumer appeal and satisfaction.

3-Woven Fabrics

Computerization of weaving has made tremendous advances in the past few years. Automation helps to reduce fabric defects. Weaving quality and efficiency are improved. Fabric count or fabric density is the number of warp and filling yarns per square inch of gray goods. Count may increase due to shrinkage during dyeing and finishing. Count is written with the warp number first and is an indication of the quality of the fabric-the higher the count, the better the fabric. Higher count may also mean less shrinkage and less raveling of seam edges. Basic weaves can be listed as below:

  • Plain weave: Taffeta, crepe, poplin.
  • Basket weave: Canvas, oxford, chambray.
  • Twill weave: Twill flannel, lining twill, denim, gabardine, and herringbone.

4-Knitted fabrics

Knitting is a fabrication process in which needles are used to form a series of interlocking loops from one or more yarns or from a set of yarns. Basic knitting techniques are listed below:

  • Single Knit: jersey, jacquard, Intarsia, stockinette, lisle, knit terrycloth, velour, fake fur, fleece, french terry.
  • Double knit: interlock, ribbing, jacquard, purl knit.
  • Warp Knit: tricot, tulle, lace
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