Factory Evaluations

We always strive to maintain the highest quality standards and fashionable design, enabling us to offer to our customers a wide range of standard and mixed colors. Ethics, Integrity, quality of product and service, make us a valuable business partner. We have moved away from being just another vendor. We trust in of productivity, quality, service, relationship and human resources to achieve our goal.


  • Our experienced pro-active marketing and design team can assist you in creating or rediscovering your identity from concept to final artwork.

Quality Assure

  • Our Quality Assurance team can conduct inspections on your behalf to confirm the quality or to have you the correct status of your running orders.
  • Delivery lead times to meet your business needs. Direct global distribution.

What Can we do For You

  • If you are negotiating with any factory to work directly, we can do an evaluation and send a report to you. We have a well experience inspector team up-to date with:-
  • ? Factory structure, management & general principles.
  • ? Working environment with health & safety.
  • ? Forced labor / child labor.
  • ? Freedom of association.
  • ? Discrimination.
  • ? Wages & hours.
  • ? Compensation of ethical/environmental protection (green & eco policy).
  • ? Manufacturing capability, quality systems of fabric + garment, on time shipment commitment & safety policies.
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